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In late 2011, Dave and Buster's began to gradually reinvent and remodel locations with the D&B's Sports theme
in their bar areas to attract more adults to "Eat, Drink, Play, and Watch Sports". The first store to be renovated
with the D&B Sports was in Denver where Beer Tubes were first tested. Beer Tubes quickly made an impact
and over the coming months more Tubes were added there and to several other locations to test the concept
as regional managers and the corporate office noticed several positives to the program.
In early 2012, the pilot program was expanded to approximately 20 locations that were involved in the D&B
Sports renovation. A D&B's specific Beer Tube was designed and a new definition of "ordering a tall" was
created for their guests.
By 2013, the decision was made to expand to their full system of stores with Beer Tubes, not only in locations
that had converted to D&B's Sports but to all Dave and Buster's locations, truly a testament to the success
of the program. James Glenn, the GM from Irvine, CA said, "Absolutely love the program as it has been a great
success for our overall draft beer costs as well as our efficiencies. Guest feedback has been well received on the Tubes
on how well they keep cold and how they maintain a high quality beer." Locations were given the flexibility to add
more Tubes as demand in their locations increased, to add accessories like light lids, and to freely promote
Beer Tubes with point-of-sale displays in the bar and around the venue. An emphasis was placed on using the
Beer Tubes cleaning products and making the guest experience consistent through training and education.
A big step was taken at the national level for the 2013 football season to add Beer Tubes to the printed bar
menus and to include visuals of Beer Tubes in the Dave and Buster's national TV commercials.
Dave and Buster's has been marketing D&B's Sports very heavily and Beer Tubes have been a key component
for the game day experience and success in many locations across the country. In 2015, Dave and Buster's
added a complete set of Party Tubes at each location; these tubes are deidicated to be used specifically with
soft drinks and have the branding of drinks like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Hi-C, etc. based upon what is served to
the family at the table.
Helmuth Mayer Jr., Director of Strategic Initiatives for Dave and Buster's has led this
project and believes, "Beer Tubes are an extension of our brand experience. D&B's
is known for being unique and fun, and Beer Tubes provide our guests with an opportunity
to pour their own beer in a responsible and enjoyable way! The addition of the Party
Tubes has taken our beverage program to the next level as we have found a great way to
increase soft drink sales as we found with our Beer Tubes program."
Dave and Buster's has been a great example of the fundamental principals of the
Beer Tubes business model both with restaurant chains as well as independent bars
& restaurants; start small, grow smartly, promote, sell more draft beer and other
beverages, and have fun in the process. We appreciate the Dave and Buster's
relationship that has grown over the last five years and see them as a model for
how to do it right with Beer Tubes.
A Beer Tubes Case Study