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Beer Tubes Promotions
The following is a sample list of Beer Tube promotional ideas that are recommended to bars and restaurants
to help them leverage Beer Tubes for increased traffic and sales.
24 Wings and a Tube of Beer Order 24 wings and a Tube of beer at a discounted price. Great for large
groups, league teams, etc. Another option is to offer a discount on Beer Tubes when ordering any number of
wings as a "Hot Wings and Cold Beer" promotion this can be modified to work with any appetizer.
Game Time is Tube Time Tube specials during all games (football, basketball, etc.). Each individual bar or
restaurant can also choose to implement a policy by which guests can reserve the tube for next week's game,
race, etc. (drives repeat business). Also works well for in-bar trivia games and karaoke nights to attract groups.
Add-a-Tube Option on the Menu When ordering food (or specific group oriented food items) guests can
add a Tube at a discounted price. This can also be used with soft drinks, making it a nice option for families and
Tubin' Tuesdays Beer Tube specials every Tuesday. Save "Tue" dollars on every Tube purchase and
incorporate a contest or giveaway into the promotion. Other traditionally slow days can utilize this or similar
concepts to generate more traffic.
Promotional Events Utilize Beer Tubes at off-premise gatherings such as charity events, festivals, golf
outings, etc. Beer Tubes can also be added to a catering menu. And donating a Tube to a local charitable event
(i.e. golf outing, poker run, etc.) is a cost-effective way to promote your business in the community.
Advertising Use Tubes in promotional activities (i.e. outside the bar signage, point-of-sales signage, print/
radio advertising, etc.) for something to "hang your hat on" for an advertising message. Bars can be known as
the "Beer Tube bar" in the area and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Beer Tubes also make great
visuals for table tents, on-premise posters, etc.
"Draft" Parties Utilize Beer Tubes as part of a promotional campaign targeting sport fantasy league draft
parties. Include the Tubes in a package that features food, reserved table space, free Wi-Fi, etc. These
parties will also provide an opportunity to promote Game Time specials to interested viewers.
Bar Holidays Cinco de Mayo (a "Tube Fiesta"), St. Patrick's Day ("Tubes O' Green"), or even seasonal draft
beer selections all are great opportunities to promote Beer Tubes and sell more draft. This can work
especially well with craft and/or specialty brews.
Bowling League Nights Align Beer Tubes with your leagues by offering Tube specials for players. League
players and teams get a discount while they are bowling in their league as a "value added bonus" for
participating. League winners or leaders could get even better discounts as incentives or prizes. If you are
not a Bowling Center but can develop a relationship with a Bowling Center, this will work as well.