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Serving Beer Tubes
Beer Tubes Service Regulations
Many states, cities, and counties have a maximum amount (in ounces) you may serve each guest
at one time. Be sure to know and follow all local alcohol regulations regarding serving Beer
Tubes. Beer Tubes are simply beverage dispensers, like pitchers, and should be expected to fall
under the same guidelines that exist in your local alcohol regulations for pitcher service.
Beer Tubes Customer Service Suggestions
Servers should ask who will be drinking from the Beer Tube and bring the appropriate
number of glasses to the table. Most establishments will I.D. all guests who look 35 or younger.
Bring out the glasses and base of the Beer Tube first, then go back and deliver the filled Tube.
For optimum customer service, offer to refill each guest's beer from the Beer Tube when
their glass is half-full or less.
Servers should be instructed to notify a manager if they witness or believe proper alcohol
service is compromised.
Beer Tubes Knowledge
Know that Beer Tubes keep beer colder longer than pitchers.
Know that the "Beer Tubes Experience" is contagious and when one table of guests sees
another table enjoying their Beer Tube and your service, they will want one.
From a Beer Tubes Supporter
"Each group of guests that order a Beer Tube are looking for a fun-filled experience. Service of
Beer Tubes should have you visiting the table more often to engage your guests, enhance their
experience, to refill their beers, and also to monitor their consumptions. Avoid the temptation of
visiting the table less frequently because the guests have been served a larger quantity of beer.
The energy, fun and enthusiasm that goes with the Beer Tubes purchase should be enhanced
by your service to create the "Beer Tubes Experience". "
As a reminder, be sure to follow all local alcohol regulations in respect
to serving your guests and to encourage responsible and enjoyable
drinking of alcoholic beverages.