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Beer Tubes Behind the Bar
Behind the bar, a "Drink Tube" can also be a time-saver and higher efficiency serving vessel for
specialty drinks. Mix the recipe up by the tube full and they are ready to serve over ice when
a guest orders one. The Drink Tube behind the bar also attracts attention and promotes the
specialty drinks, helping you sell more. Besides specialty recipes, Drink Tubes can also be used
to infuse beverages from iced tea to spirits to further diversify your beverage menu.
So while your Beer Tubes are certainly great for ice-cold draft beer, they can also be Drink
Tubes and used for soft drinks, iced tea, mixed drinks, or any cold beverage you want your
guests to enjoy. On your bar menu, the Drink Tube could be a featured house specialty drink
or traditional pitcher recipes like margaritas. There are many great recipes that can be found
for mixed drinks in larger volumes that can become Drink Tube specials and promotional
opportunities for groups of guests a their table or served from behind the bar.