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It's been called The Beer Tubes Experience: As a Beer TubeTM is delivered to
a table, everyone will watch and ask "What is that?" And once one table orders
a Beer Tube, the table next to them will want one as well. You start with one on
a table and the next thing you know, everyone wants a Beer Tube. Beer Tubes are
a great, fun way for bar and restaurant guests to enjoy their favorite beverage
and for bar and restaurant owners to pump up their profits!
Beer Tubes are continually recognized as the industry leader for quality, durability,
unique designs, and attention to detail. Combining quality materials with a
marketable concept helps assure a long-lasting and profitable return on your Beer
Tubes investment. All products consist of a simple three-part design of a tube, tap
and base, which can all be purchased separately. The interchangeable parts
allow for efficiency in serving, cleaning and
cost-effectively replacing parts to protect
your investment. Beer Tubes can be
customized with your brand to enhance
your marketing and promote your bar or
restaurant as the place for The Beer Tubes
Experience. Best of all, Beer Tubes are
proven. Bars that have implemented
a Beer Tubes program have reported
up to triple-digit increases in draft sales!