European Draft Beer Tower

The European draft beer tower design is perfect for any pub or ale house! Providing  anywhere from three to 24 faucets, you are sure to find the draft beer tower that fits your draft needs while adding to the ambiance of your bar or restaurant.

Featured Products

Brauhaus "Y" European Draft Beer Tower with 10 Faucets. Made with a Chrome Finish and Glycol Cooled

The attractive Brauhaus "Y" draft Beer Tower is sculpted in the popular European pipe style with a beautiful chrome finish. With ten faucets and glycol cooling, this draft beer tower is a great buy for any bar or restaurant looking for that European look combined with modern technology. 

The Brigitte Draft Beer Tower exudes a classic masculine and European look that fits well with any pubs or bars looking for that classic European appeal. With a beautiful chrome finish and lighted medallion lids, this draft beer tower will certainly gather the attention of your customers.

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