Mushroom Draft Beer Tower

The Mushroom draft beer tower design conserves space and provides a great centerpiece for any bar. Ranging from four to six faucet designs and available in polished brass, chrome or polished stainless steel, the mushroom draft beer tower will make a great addition to any bar or restaurant. 

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Mini Mushroom Draft Beer Tower with 4 Faucets. Made from Polished Stainless Steel & Glycol Cooled

The mini mushroom design is a stylish design that conserves more space than the standard mushroom design. Constructed from Polished Stainless Steel, this draft beer tower is sure to catch the eye of your customers! This draft beer tower is Glycol cooled and NSF certified, so it is ready to serve customers cold and refreshing beer right away!

Mushroom Draft Beer Tower with 6 Faucets. Made from Polished Brass & Glycol Cooled

The distinctive and creative style of the mushroom draft beer tower combined with the beautiful and durable polished brass is sure to draw attention toward your bar! This draft beer tower is glycol cooled with a Kool-Rite integrated module and NSF certified so your guests can enjoy the coolest and most refreshing beer. 

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