Draft Beer Towers

Draft beer towers come in many different shapes and sizes and have numerous accessories that ensure your bar or restaurant finds the beer tower that suits your wants and needs. Since choosing the right design is important for attracting customers and building the atmosphere you want in your bar or restaurant, we offer a large variety of beer towers for you to chose from.

Draft beer towers can be chrome plated, brass, or made of polished stainless steel. They can also be customized with hundreds of creative tap handles. Behind the beer towers lies the beer lines that deliver delicious beer from your kegs, out your taps, and to your customers.

To ensure that your draft beer stays cold from the keg to your beer tower, you should consider different cooling options and find what will work best for your system. To keep a steady flow of beer to your draft beer towers, you will want to make sure you have the proper pressure going through your beer lines. CO2 is generally used to provide the air pressure that pushes beer from the keg to your draft beer towers and out the tap. Purchasing a regulator will be extremely helpful at determining the correct amount of pressure to use for your draft beer system. Depending on the length of your beer lines and the type of beer you are using, the amount of pressure needed can vary greatly. Finding and maintaining the correct line pressure will keep your bartenders and customers happy.

Draft beer systems are a big investment and can be very complicated. Finding the system that will work best for your bar or restaurant will make maintenance easy and keep guests and employees happy.  


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