Double Pedestal Draft Beer Tower

The double pedestal draft beer tower design allows for more draft beer lines to enter your beer tower so you can offer a greater draft variety to your customers. This draft beer tower design can have up to 12 faucets for the one sided beer tower design, and up to 24 faucets if you chose the dual service design that has taps on both sides of the draft beer tower.

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Double Pedestal Draft Beer Tower with 12 Faucets. Made of Polished Stainless Steel & Glycol Cooled

Built from polished Stainless Steel that won't chip or pit like chrome, this draft beer tower will be used in your bar for years to come. With a series of 12 faucets and an NSF certification, this draft beer tower can meet the needs of your bar or restaurant.  Utilizing Kool Rite glycol cooling technology, this draft beer tower will keep your draft beer cold and crisp!

Double Pedestal Dual Service Draft Beer Tower with 24 Faucets. Made of PVD Brass and Glycol Cooled 

This dual sided draft beer tower allows for an impressive 24 faucets! Crafted out of stainless steel and plated with PVD Brass that is tarnish and scratch resistant, this draft beer tower will continue to serve customers for many years. This draft beer tower is glycol cooled using advanced Kool Rite technology to keep the cool and crisp beer flowing.

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