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Beer Tubes are the dispenser of choice for major breweries and our product line includes brand-specific designs for the breweries listed below. Simply click on the appropriate logo for additional information on how to order. more

Beer Tubes can also work directly with wholesalers to develop fully customized products to meet a variety of needs. Whether looking for a seasonal or brand-specific promotion, or a unique sport-specific serving vessel, our extensive line-up of designs can be custom suited to meet your needs.


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Beer Tubes are a unique way to increase draft beer sales and help wholesalers grow share and brand awareness. The beauty of Beer Tubes is their simplicity. They are based on the simple philosophy of “sell more draft beer, make more profit.” And, Beer Tubes are an excellent way to help your bar and restaurant customers sell more draft beer for featured brands. The foundation of the proven success of Beer Tubes is based on how promotion-friendly and attention-grabbing they are.

Increase Draft Sales

The primary advantage of incorporating Beer Tubes into sales and promotional programs is the realization of increased draft beer sales. With a 100-plus ounce capacity, the Beer Tube has a higher “draft per sale” versus a 64-ounce pitcher. And with the strong margin associated with draft beer sales, the increased size of the dispenser results in a higher profit for bar and restaurant owners, as well as increased sales for your brands.

Like we say at Beer Tubes, “people are only spending money at your bar IF they are at your bar.” And Beer Tubes give people a reason to choose one establishment over the competition. They help to drive traffic and increase duration of stay, group size and profit per patron. This results in multiple avenues of profitability: selling more draft (100 oz. versus 64 oz. Pitcher), increased margins through the sale of draft versus bottles/cans, and driving more traffic through guests coming back to enjoy the Beer Tubes Experience again and again.

Promotional Tool

Beer Tubes provide a consistent branding and promotional platform that further enhances the guest experience and helps customers identify with a brand. Tubes can be incorporated into annual advertising plans, brand-specific campaigns, as well as on-premise promotions. And with the versatility that the Beer Tube can provide, these “functional billboards” can be used for promotional activities involving any brand, event, or location.

What separates Beer Tubes from traditional serving vessels is the “wow factor” associated with the Beer Tubes Experience. This head-turning dispenser will get customers' attention and become a topic of conversation that is shared both within the bar/restaurant and with their friends.


One of the most important features of the Beer Tube is the ability to custom design the bases and the tube with logos, pictures, or wording to further promote specific brands. This gives you the opportunity to target a particular brand for growth and create a unique on-premise branding vessel. And with the variety of sports and non-sports designs we offer, there are a number of possibilities to meet the individual needs of each market, customer, or brand.

And if you don't see something that fits your needs, simply let us know. We constantly work with our customers to develop new designs and generate ideas that can assist you in meeting your clients' needs.

The Competitive Advantage

Offering Beer Tubes to your wholesale customers gives you a competitive advantage over other brands and solidifies your customer relationships as you provide them with a way to increase sales and profit. Here is what one of our beer distributor customers said about the advantages Beer Tubes give him:

“The Beer Tube has certainly provided our on-premise sales team a clear advantage against the competition. Every 19 Beer Tubes served equals one half barrel, and that's BIG! I have been in the beer business for over 19 years and I've never seen a serving vessel create so much excitement at retail. The Beer Tube is a proven success in our market, and with the Tubes on our team we look forward to winning the volume battle,” said Sean Britt of Superior Beverage Group in Columbus, OH. Beer Tubes' ability to attract attention while selling higher volumes of draft beer makes it a unique, profitable tool for your sales team.

Sports Marketing

Beer and sports go together like, well, beer and sports. And Beer Tubes' sports-themed bases, 100-plus ounce capacity and “self-serve” aspect combine to enhance the fan experience both in and around the stadium/arena and provide an opportunity to associate a specific brand with the fans. The unique patented sports designs also distinguish Beer Tubes from other dispensers and allows each brand to tailor its promotional efforts to specific sports and/or teams.

Beer Tubes are continually recognized as the industry leader for quality, durability, unique designs, and attention to detail.  Combining quality materials with a marketable concept helps assure a long-lasting and profitable return on your Beer Tubes investment.


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