Pairing Craft Beer Tubes and Food Can Bring in More Customers

Many bars & restaurants are widening their beer selections to draw in customers to their establishments.

How to sell more beverage at bars and restaurants is a question every bar and restaurant owner wishes they had an answer to. The bar and restaurant industry is extremely competitive and continually changing as new trends and concepts draw customers to new bars and restaurants. Finding a new attraction to bring guests into your place of business and sell more beverage is essential to prospering as a business.

A growing trend in the industry is the pairing of craft beer with foods and offering a wide variety of craft beers for customers to chose from. This national trend of pairing beer and food is growing substantially, causing a continual growth in craft beer sales across the country. In the US, 409 craft breweries opened in 2012. In 2011, craft beer sales jumped 15 percent and in 2012, sales increased 17 percent. Thats back-to-back years of double-digit sales increases. Craft beers…you have our attention!

One Columbus, OH restaurant, The Pint House & Beer Garden serves over 70 unique beers and utilizes beer in many of its food recipes to fuse the flavors. Informing guests of proper beer and food pairings increases sales and customer enjoyment!

Combining craft beers with Beer Tubes is a fantastic way to attract customers and increase draft sales. Beer Tubes help keep craft beers cold and crisp so guests can enjoy the full flavor of their unique beverage. Bars and Restaurants and local craft breweries can both benefit from utilizing Beer Tubes! Craft Brewers can add their logos to a customized Beer Tube and gain exposure to the local market. Bars and restaurants will sell a larger volume of beer and attract new customers to their establishment, creating a win-win relationship! Beer Tubes offers many different beer tower styles that can fit the needs of you and your local brewer’s wants and needs. Beer Tubes also offers a wide variety of accessories to help you attract more customers and keep your beer cold longer!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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