Fill-er-Up! What Can I Put In A Beer Tube?

We all can probably come to the obvious conclusion that the number one beverage (or liquid) dispensed out of a Beer Tube is…you guessed it…BEER! You can see how to fill a Beer Tube from a draft system here. However, that’s not the only thing you can put in a Beer Tube. In fact, we have customers use our product to dispense all kinds of beverages. And while we have seen a variety of uses for our dispenser over the years, we just wanted to set the record straight by providing a list of potential contents for the Beer Tube and whether or not they work well. Here goes…

Perfect Pours

Cold Draft Beer – We all knew this already, but we just wanted to make sure it’s on the list! Beer (even the cheap stuff) has been our best friend since we started making Beer Tubes and we are proud to pour it out of our dispensers.

Liquor/Mixed Drinks - Besides beer, liquor and mixed drinks are the number two dispensed beverage with our clients. We know this goes against the whole beer before liquor theory but that doesn’t really apply here. It’s a great change-up and can add another menu item to your bar or make a nice change from your regular in home use of beer. A word of caution–it’s very important to monitor your customers’ usage, particularly when serving a Tube filled with mixed drinks.

Wine - Red, white, pink, any color (even sangria). They all will work great in a Beer Tube. It’s a creative way to serve wine that puts the “traditional” ways of serving vino to the test. If you’re a wine bar and need a cool and different way to present your products, or you are just tired of boxed wine, you should give the Vino Tube a try. Beer Tubes prove that you don’t have to be a “wine snob” to enjoy the grape!

Juice - That’s right…the COOLEST way to drink juice since Capri Sun. Just let your kids sell lemonade from a Beer Tube and they’ll learn how to really make money!

Milk/Tea/Soft Drinks - These all work well and are great for serving large quantities of people, especially children. You see Beer Tubes (or to be more politically correct in this instance “Drink Tubes”) can be a good way to serve the little ones as well. The Tubes “wow factor” can at least keep the kids occupied for a little while…provided they’re not spilling Mountain Dew all over the counter.

Iffy Pours

Gravy – Don’t get too excited about this gravy train. Some gravy may work in our dispenser, but the consistency is key here . If the gravy is too thick it won’t pour out of our tap, leaving you with a dry Thanksgiving dinner. Not to mention a tube full of gravy. But if the gravy is just runny enough…pull the handle and enjoy! And for left over gravy, we HIGHLY recommend “gravy shots” straight from the tap.

Syrup – So you have an ice cream parlor and you want to use Beer Tubes to pour delicious chocolate sauce all over your patrons ice cream. Unfortunately in most cases this isn’t gonna work, but if the syrup has a low enough viscosity it might. We can only imagine the happiness this could bring to ice cream eaters around the world IF it does.

A Phone – Yeah, I bet you weren’t expecting this one. It’s an awesome bar trick (Hey ladies!!!). Phones may not dispense out of a Beer Tube, but they sure can catch an eye when they are submerged in one. There are certain phones and phones cases that will allow you to do this without destroying your phone. Please do this with caution (Beer Tubes is not responsible for any broken phones while attempting this trick) and consider these two things: 1) how dirty is your phone before you put it into a beverage your about to drink and 2) how dirty/sticky will your phone be after you take it out of the Tube. If you do this, please email us some pictures…that goes for the gravy too.

Bad Pours–As in “Don’t Try this at Home”

Icees/Frozen Drinks - We do not recommend putting crushed ice/frozen drinks (frozen margaritas, pina coladas, shakes, etc.) in a Beer Tube. In some cases they may work, but you run the risk of un blended frozen pieces clogging the dispenser. Sorry Mr. Chilly Willy.

Ice Cream - Don’t laugh. We’ve actually been asked whether our product would be good to serve different flavors of ice cream (the answer is “no” by the way).

Hard Candy – Our dispensers are not built to dispense your old Halloween candy or non-liquid contents. However, when not being used for cold beverages, they do make a nice coin bank!

Turkey - We know with Thanksgiving coming up that we’ve all got turkey on the brain, but no matter how awesome it might seem our dispenser will not dispense turkey. Ok…maybe the grease but that’s for the gravy, right?

We apologize if our list isn’t comprehensive enough for you. We tried, but maybe you can help us out by sending us what you use in your Beer Tubes. You can contact us at We look forward to hearing from you…we think.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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