Beer Tube Maintenance – Investing in Long Term Success

What happens if these things break (this previous blog post shows why this won’t happen!)? That’s a common question we hear at trade shows when prospective customers are considering adding Beer Tubes as their tabletop draft beer dispensers. Our easy answer? They won’t…at least without some sort of SERIOUS misuse by a customer or ill-advised filling and/or storing protocols implemented by the staff. That’s because we use the highest quality materials and construction in the market. The Eastman Tritan copolyester material we use to make our product is as strong as it gets and can withstand drops and dings…all while keeping the draft beer cold as it gets poured by the customers at their table.

But what if they do? Well, in a bar/restaurant environment things do break…it’s part of the business. The key is being able to minimize the impact (both financial and to your customers) of having to replace broken items. That is why when we’re working with our customers to implement a successful Beer Tubes draft tower program for their bar we emphasize two major points for long-term success:

1. It is critical to have the proper cleaning and maintenance protocols in place. If you want something to last, you need to take care of it. And properly cleaning and storing your Beer Tubes will go a long way towards keeping them functioning properly and making you money selling more draft beer.

2. The fact that all of our products are interchangeable (i.e. any tap will fit any tube and any tube will fit any base) makes maintaining the product over the long-term easy and cost-effective. If a tap does get broken (and they will) you can order a replacement tap by itself…without ordering a complete unit. In the long run, this helps you keep the product on your tables (making you money) and not on a shelf in your kitchen.

The proper cleaning/maintenance of your Beer Tubes combined with the ability to easily and cost-effectively replace any damaged parts will result in the long-term viability of a successful Beer Tubes beer tower program.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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