What’s in it for me? A bartender’s perspective on Beer Tubes

Typically we focus on the benefits of table top beer dispensers as they relate to the bar owner (more profit!), but what are the benefits to the staff? Well, there are in fact some benefits to utilizing a draft tower or Beer Tube. The primary benefit is an increased ticket value, or the money a patron will spend in the bar, which results in a higher tip (assuming, of course, that the service is exemplary!). Another benefit is the time saved by serving a larger vessel to the customer. Additionally, being able to monitor how much beer is left in the tower from behind the bar or across the room benefits the bartender and/or server as they are able to monitor the customer and know when it’s time to ask for a refill.

The Beer Tubes Experience in action!

And once it’s time to refill a Beer Tube, it’s as simple as bringing the filled replacement tube to the table and switching it out at the table with the empty tube. It’s quick, easy and keeps the customers happy. Due to “tube modularity”–the fact that any Beer Tube will fit any base–refills are easy on everybody. (Speaking of refills, here is an excellent video on the proper way to fill a Beer Tube.) And the empty tube can be quickly cleaned and readied for the next fill up. For a quick reminder on the best way to clean a Beer Tube, click here for an educational video.

Another benefit to the staff of using Beer Tubes is the “wow factor” it creates for the customer. Often a customer will ask “what is that?” when they see other patrons enjoying a Beer Tube. We call this “The Beer Tubes Experience” and our customers will attest that it does work. And when one Beer Tube goes out to a table…it’s followed by many others. Having a customer ask the wait staff about the dispenser makes it a pretty easy sell (again assuming that the server is providing top notch service!).

Happy selling and cheers!

The Beer Tubes Guys

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