Wastin’ Away Again... With a Beverage Tower

What are the rules for mixing business and pleasure? We’re not sure, but last week we had the good fortune of attending a trade show in Las Vegas, which afforded us the opportunity to do A LOT of mixing. One of the cool things about traveling around the country sharing our knowledge and experience on how to sell beverages from a Beer Tube is seeing the product in action.

And on Thursday afternoon we got to witness a group sharing the experience of a cold tube of margaritas at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Restaurant. It’s always fun to see a group of customers order (and drink) a Beer Tube–in this particular case one filled with margaritas. The Tube has a way of attracting attention…and photos! It wasn’t long after the customers received their Tube full of margaritas that pictures were being taken. In this age of “likes” and “friends” people like to not only have a good time, but to share the fact that they are with their friends and family. That’s part of what makes the Beer Tube a “social” product–it’s ability to create a unique sharing experience for patrons.

We also asked our server about the beverage tower concept, particularly as they’re used in Margaritaville, and it was nice to hear that what we continually educate our customers about holds true in the field. Our server indicated that when a Tube is carried across the restaurant and delivered to a table it gets noticed. What happens next? Another table wants one too. Then another. We call it “The Beer Tubes Experience.”

A quick visit to the table of the group enjoying their margaritas revealed the reason for their celebration was a 60th birthday party. And we also found out that they all came from Central Ohio…which is also home of Beer Tubes! And just think that this Buckeye Love Fest would never have happened if we hadn’t noticed them enjoying a tall, cold Tube of margaritas. Mixing business with pleasure is all part of the job.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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