Trade Shows a Great Opportunity to Learn About Beer Tubes

We are in the middle of our “trade show season” at Beer Tubes and felt this would be a good opportunity to not only promote the fact that you can visit us in Chicago next week at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) trade show (booth #1720), but to also  explain how seeing a Beer Tube in person differs from an online shopping experience.

As the industry leader in providing the highest quality table top beverage dispensers, we take tremendous pride in knowing that our products can stand up to the daily rigors of the bar and restaurant industry.  One of our challenges is conveying the product quality to our potential customers when they’re simply doing an online shopping comparison.  Quality is easy to talk about--but much harder to deliver.

Our post-sale communication protocol focuses on educating our customers on the proper methods of assembling, filling, cooling and cleaning our products.  We rely on the fact that the product will stand up to its billing as being very high quality--a task that is much easier when our customers are actually using the product.  In other words, the quality will show itself through everyday use.

It’s not as easy when a potential customer has no experience using a Beer Tube.  And while they may be familiar with the table top dispenser concept, if they haven’t tried a Beer Tube they often associate it with some of the inferior products that they may have tried in the past.

So how can trade shows help?  Simple.  Seeing (and especially touching the product) is believing.  Many trade show attendees are impressed by the shear size of the product when they see it in person.  “The tube is taller and sturdier than I thought.“ is a common response.  And having our highly trained staff walk you through the process (assembling, filling, cooling and cleaning) helps ensure that your bar/restaurant will maximize the profit-making ability of the Beer Tube.

Sharing our knowledge and best practices to help enhance the consumer experience in bars/restaurants is an integral part of our overall customer service.  And there’s no better way to learn how our products work effectively than to stop by and visit us.  Hopefully we’ll see you in Chicago, or somewhere down the road.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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