Tailgate Party Ideas for Rivalry Football Games-Revisited

We were talking with our friends at bigfantailgating.com about gift ideas for beer drinkers and their collegiate licensed beverage dispesners and decided that since rivalry games happen each year, we should wipe the dust off this post from last November for a refresher course on tailgating (or homegating) for the big game. Enjoy...

From November 19, 2012 Beer Tubes Blog: For most fans of professional or college football there comes a special week each year known as "Rivalry Week." That means you need tailgate party ideas to throw the best game day party around! This is the time of year when you look forward to the big game to cheer on your favorite team versus the hated enemy. Major tailgate parties happen in mid to late November for the top rivalry games such as Alabama/Auburn, Florida/Florida State, USC/ND–and our favorite game, Ohio State versus "That School Up North." Everyone has their own ritual for the big game. Whether it is a special outfit, a game day routine, or getting fired up with their favorite tube of beer (or a round of alcohol mixed drinks to steady the nerves–served in one of our Beer Tubes of course!), the game day ritual is what makes these games special.

There are two basic ways to enjoy your rivalry game: Homegating or Tailgating. Homegating is a newer popular term for those that choose to invite a group of friends over to enjoy the game and throw a great party(or watch by yourself–if you are a remote thrower). Luckily for us we are located in Columbus, OH (home of The Ohio State University) so homegating is our party of choice when the Buckeyes hit the road. Tailgating is the time-honored tradition of celebrating football in the parking lot before (and often during and after) a game. A great homegate or tailgate tends to have the basics: good food (wings, burgers, brats, dips, chili, chips, etc), ample viewing area (a large HD televsion is preferred) and, naturally, something good to drink. To help you getting ready for your rivalry party, we’ve done a little homework for you.

Excellent Food Recipes for Tailgating:

Top recipes for alcohol mixed drinks for your party–featuring a Beer Tube, of course (all recipes are 100+ ounces–a perfect fit for the Beer Tube!):

So now that you have the food and drinks down, the only thing left is where to watch the big game–at home or in the stadium. And remember, whether you’re hosting the party at your homegate, or throwing a tailgate party at the stadium, there are some basics to being a great rivalry game party thrower:

  1. Determine the menu early in the week and keep it simple. Do as much party planning and food preparation as possible ahead of your party. This will allow you to make the most of the weather and atmosphere–enjoying a relaxing meal outdoors with family and friends. There is nothing worse than hosting the party and not being able to enjoy it yourself. Planning and preparation = enjoyment for you and your guests.
  2. Be like Santa…make a list and check it twice. Make sure you think of all things you could possibly need for your tailgate/homegate–electric, extra gas, tape, tents, blankets, crock pots, scissors, coolers, grill, food, drinks, etc. Write up your list by mid-week so you can sleep on it, then check it again to see what you forgot (also remember to have someone else review it). No fun getting down to the tailgating lot to realize you forgot an extension cord…
  3. Food prep and drink prep are a time saver. Much like making a list it will make your game day experience much more enjoyable, if you season all your chicken, beef, fish as well as prep your mixed drinks (you even can pre-mix them into gallon jugs), you will save some valuable time on game day.
  4. Make your party stand out with cool stuff. Cool Stuff? Well get your licensed team plates/napkins or signage (flags are a big hit at tailgate parties). You could also pick up a unique and very cool party product (as well as a great gift idea for the college football fan) in a NCAA Licensed Team helmet Beverage Dispenser. These beverage dispensers will make your party stand out and get you noticed by your fellow fans.
  5. Follow basic food safety. Nobody wants to be the person that got everyone sick, causing them to miss the game. Here are some reminders for food safety that apply to tailgating AND cooking in your backyard:
  • Cook meat, fish and poultry thoroughly. See the following guidelines from the USDA on proper meat temperatures to ensure safety:
    • Poultry (170° F for white meat and 180° F for dark meat, juices should run clear)
    • Beef (145° F in the center)
    • Pork (160° F, with the center remaining slightly pink)
    • Ground Meat and Poultry (160° F, measured through the patty)
  • Never place grilled meat on a plate that has had raw meat on it.
  • As always, wash hands and work areas before preparing food.
  • Pack a jug of water, antibacterial soap and wet cloths for washing your hands before and after handling raw foods, such as chicken, beef, pork or fish.

We hope you have a great tailgate or homegate during this big rivalry week. And if you happen to use a Beer Tube at your party–please send us a picture or post it on our Facebook page. Good luck to your team (Go Bucks!).


The Beer Tubes Guys

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