Table Top Beer Dispensers Bring Holiday Cheer to Bars

So it’s the holiday season and Beer Tubes wants to offer up the perfect gift idea for beer wholesalers to give their accounts. We know that wholesalers are often asked by their customers, "What have you got for me today?" The standard answer? Medium t-shirts, cardboard coasters, all the pint glasses you have, a few light up key chains and on the real good days a neon sign. What should the answer be? How about a Beer Tube?

Now we know that some bars want ANYTHING that’s free…but we’re not here to pick on the bars that just like free promotional items. Instead we want to focus on the "perfect gift" for a bar–a gift that will help them sell more draft beer (and make more money doing so). And since Beer Tubes can be customized for any brand, the wholesaler can simply determine which beer they want to target for additional volume and provide the bar some beer towers promoting that brand (or even co-branding the tube with the beer brand and the bar).

And to help us with the explanation of why this works, we will reference the ever informative website section with information specifically for beer wholesalers…

Increase Draft Sales

The primary advantage of incorporating Beer Tubes into sales and promotional programs is the realization of increased draft beer sales. With a 100-plus ounce capacity, the Beer Tube has a higher "draft per sale" versus a 64-ounce pitcher. And with the strong margin associated with draft beer sales, the increased size of the dispenser results in a higher profit for bar and restaurant owners, as well as increased sales for your brands.

Like we say at Beer Tubes, "people are only spending money at your bar IF they are at your bar." And Beer Tubes give people a reason to choose one establishment over the competition. They help to drive traffic and increase duration of stay, group size and profit per patron. This results in multiple avenues of profitability: selling more draft (100 oz. versus 64 oz. Pitcher), increased margins through the sale of draft versus bottles/cans, and driving more traffic through guests coming back to enjoy the Beer Tubes Experience again and again.

To summarize: since Beer Tubes help drive draft sales (which is good for the bar AND for the wholesaler), what better gift can a beer wholesaler give their customer than a product that is mutually beneficial?

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

The Beer Tubes Guys

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