Summer Weather Calls for Summer Drink Specials in your Beer Tubes!

Patrons enjoy refreshing summer drinks in their Beer Tubes while enduring the heat!

One consideration as the weather gets warmer, especially if outdoor serving opportunities are available at your bar or restaurant, is the expansion of your beverage menu with summer drinks in your Beer Tubes. Drink promotions with Beer Tubes could include margaritas, punches, sangrias, or anything fun and refreshing that your guests will enjoy this summer. Beer Tubes are not just for draft beer and we know that many of our bar and restaurant clients increase their beverage sales with promotions and specials on Beer Tubes filled with a variety of specialty drinks.

One of our favorite Beer Tube drink recipes is the "beergarita." Combine your favorite draft beer (preferably a summer ale or shandy) with margaritas! The Beer Tube will keep the margarita icy and the beer cold for your customers’ enjoyment.

To make a "beergarita", first fill the tube with 20 fl. ounces of beer, then fill the remainder of the tube with beer and margarita simultaneously. This will ensure the beer and margarita combine to delight the customers’ taste buds. A generous stir is preferable to make sure the drink is mixed fairly well. This Beer Tube recipe tastes and looks great!

Another one of our favorite Beer Tube drink recipes is "Mimosa Tube." This Beer Tube promotion is perfect for any bar or restaurant interested in running a brunch special at their establishment. A Beer Tube filled with delicious mimosa in the afternoon will draw the attention of potential customers and increase your drink sales.

To make a "Mimosa Tube," fill your Beer Tube with about 70 ounces of champagne. Then, mix in 40 ounces of orange juice and stir gently.

These drinks can be made with ice in the tubes, or be poured over ice in the glasses, but our Chill Sticks or Ice Tubes are sure to be your best bet at keeping your beverages cold and refreshing for your guests.

These summer drink recipes, as well as a good old fashioned tube of beer, are great for promotions and will keep your customers cool and happy during the hot months. Enjoy.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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