Revisiting the Beer Tubes Experience

This blog post was originally published on November 2, 2012 but during a recent discussion on social media, the Beer Tubes Guys determined its message was important enough to share again. Maybe our customers will pay attention this time and send us some photos of the Beer Tubes in action!

From our web video: “The Beer Tubes Experience: As a Beer Tube is delivered to a table, everyone will watch and ask “What is that?” And once one table orders a Beer Tube, the table next to them will want one as well. You start with one on a table and the next thing you know, everyone wants a Beer Tube.”

Enjoying The Beer Tubes Experience at Matty’s Bar in New Berlin, WI!

Here at Beer Tubes we strive to create a positive social atmosphere around our product and within our customers’ bars/restaurants. We sell a product that brings people together and allows them to enjoy not only the Beer Tube, but each other as well. There is nothing better than sharing a couple of cold ones with friends (responsibly, of course). It is moments like these that we try to cultivate and make more enjoyable.

The guests that actually enjoy the product on a hot summer night or gather around a Beer Tube on a football Sunday are what give our product a life of its own. But because we work directly through beer distributors, breweries, and bar owners/managers, we don’t always get to see “The Beer Tubes Experience” in action or get to share in the positive reaction that our customers and their guests share about our product.

Thank goodness for today’s technology and the world of social media that allow us to connect with our customers and their guests. Through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email we are able to connect with anybody enjoying “The Beer Tubes Experience.” We love it when we get pictures from our customers and their patrons capturing the Beer Tube in action. While some of these pictures do get a little interesting at times, it is all in the name of having a good time while enjoying a cold beverage (responsibly, of course).

We encourage all of our customers to share photos with us and to post them on their social media sites as well. And it is a great way to get a little free publicity when their guests’ jealous friends see a posting of them having a good time with a Beer Tube at their bar! This is also why we always recommend that our customers brand their Beer Tubes with their bar or restaurant name/logo. Outside of making the Beer Tube look really cool, the branding gives a bar/restaurant recognition when all those photos end being shared throughout various social media channels.

With that said we want to encourage all of our customers and their guests to send us their best pictures of “The Beer Tube Experience.” You can send the picture to or share them with us on Facebook or Twitter. And if you’re interested in learning more about using photos in social media, here is an article that posted, Better Social Media Strategy: Show, Don’t Tell. It touches on the importance of having a visual component to your business and gives provides some good ideas on how to take advantage of this powerful tool.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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