Our Resolution? Sell More Draft Beer Dispensers to You So You Can Make More $$$

As we read Ron Burgandy’s New Year’s resolution (side note: nobody at Beer Tubes currently plays the jazz flute), it led to a discussion on what our resolution should be for Beer Tubes in 2014. It didn’t take long, actually, to realize that it’s basically the same one every year–to help our customers sell more draft beer (and other cold drinks!) and enhance their customers’ experience. This is the essence of The Beer Tubes Experience and it’s what makes our product both unique and effective. The ability to have a functional drink dispenser that also serves as a branded promotional piece is the power behind the Beer Tube.

Can this man teach you how to play the jazz flute?

The bars and restaurants currently using our products understand the importance of providing a unique, memorable and positive experience for their customers. And once they’ve had a chance to implement a Beer Tubes program, they see how the table top beer tower product can positively affect their customers as well as their bottom line.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve been able to not only provide the highest quality products in the market but to also develop educational materials and customer support programs to work with our clients to maximize the Beer Tubes’ ability to drive draft beer sales. So why should we change that approach now? We’re not. And in fact, we continue to get better at it as we further develop our products, specifically the cleaning protocols and customization options.

So as we reflect on our accomplishments from the past year, we look forward to continuing to share our knowledge of the table top beer tower industry and work with our customers to help them drive draft beer sales. It’s what we’ve been doing since day one and makes our New Year’s resolution a pretty easy one.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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