NRA Wrap Up: Beer Tubes are Not Just for Beer

This week we wrapped up the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago–a tremendous opportunity to meet industry leaders and discuss ways in which Beer Tubes can help their beverage business. A few observations from the NRA Show:

-Beer Tubes has been exhibiting at the show for seven years (that’s a lot of free frisbees, Beer Tubes’ bags, and can coozies that have been given away!) and each year we notice that more and more attendees are aware of the table top beer dispenser concept–if they’re not already a Beer Tubes customer. In the early years, one person thought our product was a rain gauge to be used in a garden! Hopefully we’re doing a better job educating attendees on what it is and how to use it.

-We continue to have more conversations about alternative uses of the draft tower concept, as well as unique design ideas for the dispensers. Our experience has allowed us to become a resource in helping our clients develop these ideas and collaborate on new and exciting beverage dispenser projects. And while draft beer is still king, we’re finding that all kinds of drinks are being served from our dispensers.

-Beer Tubes are moving beyond the “traditional sports bar” clientele and making their way into more “family oriented” restaurants. And while they are and will always be the perfect dispenser for a group gathering to watch sporting events at bars/restaurants, the product is branching out into all types of bars/restaurants, including Mexican restaurants, gastropubs, and chain restaurants.

Why are we seeing the table top beer tower trend continuing to expand its reach? We believe the answer lies in a key component of the Beer Tubes product–the fact that it’s not only extremely functional, but that it’s also brandable. This duality hits home with any company or brand looking to gain the attention of the consumer while they’re experiencing the product. And this concept works particularly well in the beverage industry. A full (and fully decorated!) Beer Tube being carried to a table gets customers’ attention…a concept we’ve coined The Beer Tubes Experience.

So if you’ve got some ideas on new and different ways to utilize the Beer Tubes concept and would like to discuss them with us, just let us know. We probably have some extra frisbees from the NRA Show that we’d be happy to give you for taking the time to talk to us.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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