NRA Trade Show- A Chance to See How Beer Tubes Can Help YOUR Business

Visit Beer Tubes at Booth #550!

From May 18-21, Beer Tubes will be exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association Trade Show in Chicago. This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our products to bar/restaurant owners looking for ways to increase their draft beer sales through the use of beer towers. And while we won’t be serving samples from the Beer Tubes (free beer isn’t always a good idea), we will be giving away some Beer Tubes goodies along with some invaluable knowledge on how you can effectively utilize the tubes to help your business.

When someone first sees a Beer Tube in person, we tend to hear comments like, “That’s a lot bigger than I thought.” It’s true–a picture just doesn’t do it justice. An almost 3-foot high beverage tower filled with cold beer will definitely get noticed. And that’s our point exactly. The Beer Tubes Experience is predicated on the fact that it will get noticed.

And in our world of a “look what I got” mentality, a Beer Tube will help you enhance the customer experience, distinguish yourself from the competition, and provide a unique (and functional) branding vessel–all while making you more money on draft beer sales.

Our website ( is full of useful information on how to fill, clean, brand and even chill a Beer Tube. But nothing beats a chance to see one in person and take a few minutes to discuss the benefits of implementing towers of beer into your bar/restaurant with the Beer Tube experts.

We always look forward to seeing our current customers at trade shows, as well as meeting new customers who have yet to experience to “power of the tube.” So if you’re attending the show, please stop by booth #550 and say hello. We’ve love to share our expertise on how this tabletop drink dispenser can help you create a successful and long-lasting business.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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