NBWA Trade Show a Chance to Educate About The Beer Tubes Experience

Next week we will be attending the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) trade show where we can share first hand how our table top beer dispensers can help the beer wholesaler move more product. That’s what makes trade shows so important for our, and many other, businesses–the ability to “see it in person.” Often we hear, “Wow, the Beer Tube is a lot bigger in person that in a photo!” Yes…the visual impact of the Beer Tube is certainly part of “The Beer Tubes Experience,” but it’s also important to remember that what goes in the tube of beer is equally important. 

The Beer Tubes product is a valuable tool for beer wholesalers looking to increase the draft beer sales volume with their customers. When used effectively, a Beer Tubes program can drive draft sales while also serving as a valuable branding and promotional tool. With our many design and customization options, including sports-themed as well as beer can and keg barrel bases, we can develop a plan for any brand or account size.

With the multitude of options available, we find that it’s beneficial to all parties to have the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss how the product can work as well as the available options. Often we’re able to bring ideas to the table that may not have been considered initially. One such idea is a product we’re developing that allows draft beer to be infused inside the Beer Tube. Simply add the desired ingredients (cinnamon sticks, berries, fruits, etc.) to the mesh bag and drop it in the tube.

Now we realize that it’s not always possible to meet all of our customers, however the value of attending trade shows is to talk with as many as we can to let them see the product in person and gain valuable knowledge about how it can work for them and their customers. And if we can’t meet in person, our website contains valuable information about how the product works. We even have a section dedicated to beer wholesalers that explains the features, benefits and selling points of the Beer Tube as well as links to programs for specific brands.

Cheers…and if you’re attending the NBWA Show, please stop by booth #1043!

The Beer Tubes Guys

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