Mixed Drinks Served in a Beer Tower? You Bet

Looking for an interesting twist on the Beer Tube beverage tower? How about serving mixed drinks or lemonade/iced tea to your thirsty customers? This article from FSR Magazine discusses the trends in “bulk beveraging” and the benefits of making large batches in advance.

And while many of our customers do just fine serving cold draft beer from their Beer Tubes, the product is also great for serving other beverages such as soft drinks, iced tea, lemonade, punches or mixed drinks. Some bars even serve pre-mixed shots such as “cherry bombs” and keep the tube behind the bar. When a customer orders, they simply fill from the tube. This not only speeds up service, but also provides a cool promotional piece that sits behind the bar and gets noticed.

If you’re serving mixed drinks for parties or large groups for banquets, or are involved in catering, the Beer Tube dispenser is perfect for buffet lines and/or table service. With a filling capacity over 100 ounces, it’s a great self-serve dispenser that’s easy to refill. And with customization options available for the tube and the base, you can add that extra touch of detail by featuring the specific event with a logo or photo that is simply stickered onto the Beer Tube.

With the uniqueness of our designs, you can set up a “drink station” featuring various flavors served in different tubes. Some ideas include a Bloody Mary bar with various mixes. Simply fill the tube with the mixes, then allow the customer to try any combination of flavors they desire. This also works well with various fruit juices, particularly for breakfast buffets.

The bottom line is that there are various uses for the Beer Tube beyond serving cold draft beer. And the eye-catching nature of the product allows for a number of opportunities to get creative and showcase various beverage in your bar/restaurant.


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