How Do I Effectively Promote My Beer Tubes?

Or a better question may be, are my draft beer dispensers even being promoted at all? Let’s start with a little education. Do you know the difference between marketing and promotion? The DIY Website Coach sums up these two concepts nicely when it states, “marketing is about convincing a prospective customer that your product or service (i.e. your bar/restaurant) satisfies their need better than any other product/service available. Promotion, on the other hand, is about convincing that prospective customer to pull out their wallet and purchase…”

So why do we walk into our very own customers’ establishments (fully knowing they have Beer Tubes), and still have to ask whether they are available? The answer is simple…that bar/restaurant isn’t doing a very good job of promoting Beer Tubes.

Beer Tubes are geared towards a group of patrons looking to share cold draft beer. For example, a group coming in to watch a sporting event, an intramural sports team stopping by after a game, or a group of friends enjoying Happy Hour are all prime opportunities to serve a beer tower. Why? Because the Beer Tube is a convenient way for customers to serve themselves at the table and share in a unique and fun social experience. We call it The Beer Tubes Experience, and it’s the main reason that the product will help increase your draft beer sales. Once other patrons see a group enjoying a Beer Tube, they will take notice and order one for themselves.

The Beer Tubes Experience in action!

Because the Beer Tube is such an attention-getter, it’s a product that “spreads” throughout the bar. Which begs the question, how do I get this “experience” started. That’s where the effective promotion comes in. Your wait staff should be trained in identifying the types of customers that may enjoy a Beer Tube (i.e. a group of 3 or more customers ordering draft beer). Signage should promote that Beer Tubes are great for groups watching a game. (Note: for downloadable Point of Sale Materials available from Beer Tubes, click here.)

The “win” for the bar/restaurant is groups that enjoy their experience in your establishment will want to come back. And selling 100-oz. plus draft towers helps you move a high margin beverage in larger quantities than pint glasses or even traditional 64-oz. pitchers.

In the extremely competitive and often busy world of bars/restaurants, effectively promoting Beer Tubes is a relatively simple task because once in use, the product will promote itself. It just takes a little effort up front to realize increased profits through selling more draft beer and driving repeat business.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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