How Can a Beer Tower Help a Catering Business?

Many of our Beer Tubes customers also run a catering business out of their bar/restaurant. And while serving draft beer at a catered event may not be the norm, Beer Tubes can still help you enhance the customer experience and create a memorable event for your clients. How? Well, don’t just think of your Beer Tubes as a profitable way to sell more draft beer. Consider that a Beer Tube is a simply a beverage dispenser with a spigot, which means you can expand your use of the product beyond draft beer in the bar.

Don’t settle for this…

We’ve all seen the “typical” catering beverage dispenser–the “black box” that gets filled with lemonade or iced tea and sits at the beverage station. And while it is important to have a practical and functional dispenser for your event, why not take advantage of the opportunity to also utilize the dispenser as an attention-getting marketing tool for your business? Because Beer Tubes are not just for beer, they are an excellent way to serve iced tea, lemonade or even mixed drinks at catered events both in your bar/restaurant or off-site.

…when you can have THIS!

Another great idea is to utilize the promotional power of the beer tower to apply a logo or theme for the specific event. For example, if it’s a retirement party why not put the name of the honored guest on the base of the Beer Tube or concoct a special drink just for the event that can be served from the dispenser. Or utilize your own logo on the base to show your clients who is serving them cold drinks from a very cool dispenser.

And because Beer Tubes are easy to take apart, they are easy to transport and clean for the next event. It’s just another way that you can enhance your catering options and distinguish yourself from the competition.


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