Beer Tubes in Autumn: Increasing drink sales during the colder months!

Beer Tubes can help heat up sales as the temperature outside gets colder! According to, breweries have begun to release their tasty fall flavors that beer enthusiasts love. And Beer Tubes provide a great opportunity to market your seasonal beers by grabbing the attention of current and potential customers. A gleaming tower of dark fall beer catches stares and lets everyone know you have the seasonal beers customers are seeking. Beer Tubes beer towers are also great for mixed drinks, providing a great opportunity to increase liquor sales. The insulating properties of Beer Tubes can be attributed to the high quality Eastman Tritan Copolyester that is used to make our dispensers. Tritan insulates the beverage to keep the cold cold and the warm warm.

Craft Beers in the Fall = Tasty Goodness!

And remember, while Beer Tubes are great for beer (cold or warm) they can also be used with any beverage. Just fill, pour, and enjoy. And just in time for fall, here are two great mixed drink recipes for your beer tower:

Cranberry Apple Cider

The Cranberry Apple Cider is a simple and refreshing drink mix that is perfect for those chilly fall afternoons.

  • Mix warm 80 ounces of warm apple cider with 22 ounces of cranberry juice and 8 ounces of vodka in a Beer Tubes drink dispenser. Add cinnamon and slices of lime for a kick of flavor! Mix and enjoy–responsibly.

Fall Punch

The smooth and refreshing taste of Fall Punch is certain to satisfy any thirsty customers during the cold months.

  • Combine 35 ounces of white wine and 65 ounces of cranberry-apple juice in your Beer Tube. Stir gently and enjoy!

You can also experiment with many flavors in your Beer Tube (such as adding cinnamon sticks to seasonal brews) to create a signature drink for your bar or restaurant!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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