Defining “Draft Beer Tower” and Why It’s Important for Bar Owners

Beer Tubes Football Beer Tower–Served at the Table

Beer Tubes sells beverage dispensers that are filled from the draft beer tap and taken to the table where customers fill their own glasses. We sometimes refer to Beer Tubes as “beer towers,” but this shouldn’t be confused with the beer tower that is permanently attached to the bar and connected to the keg barrells. Behind the draft beer tower lies the beer lines that deliver cold beer from your kegs to your beer towers and out your taps–then straight into the Beer Tubes! To avoid unecessary confusion, we’ve added a very informative link to our website that clearly illustrates the difference between the two concepts. Ultimately we hope that you’ll utlize both products together. Use the draft beer tower to fill the Beer Tubes and serve cold draft beer to happy customers!

Draft Beer Tower–Attached to the Bar

Like Beer Tubes, draft beer towers come in many different shapes and sizes and can have a variety of options that you can choose to ensure your bar or restaurant finds the beer tower that suits your (and your customers!) wants and needs. There are numerous styles and designs from which to choose. Choosing the right design is important for attracting customers and building the atmosphere you want for your bar or restaurant. Draft beer towers can be chrome plated, brass, or made of polished stainless steel–all of which can be customized with hundreds of creative tap handles.

To ensure that your draft beer stays cold from the keg to your draft beer tower, you should consider different cooling options and find what will work best for your draft beer system. To keep a steady flow of beer to your draft beer towers, you will want to make sure you have the proper pressure going through your beer lines as well. CO2 is generally used to provide the air pressure that pushes beer from the keg to your draft beer towers and out the tap. Purchasing a regulator will be extremely helpful in determining the correct amount of pressure to use for your draft beer system. Depending on the length of your beer lines and the type of beer you are using, the amount of pressure needed can vary greatly. Finding and maintaining the correct line pressure will keep your bartenders and customers happy.

Now that the difference between a Beer Tube draft tower and a draft beer tower is a litte more clear, you can ensure that you’re making educated decisions on the best system for your bar. Why is this important? Because a properly installed, used and maintained draft system will mean cold beer faster with less waste. And that will make your employees and your customers happy–which is the most important thing of all!


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