Customizing Beer Tubes Makes Pure Marketing Sense for Beer Brands

For someone looking to effectively market a beer brand, once a customer has decided to enjoy a cold draft beer from a Beer Tube and is taking part in The Beer Tubes Experience they are the ideal consumer to target with your marketing message. Why? Because you’re able to deliver your message to the consumer while they are experiencing the product.

For a general overview of experiential marketing, please read this post on about the concept. As the post points out, “The goal of experiential marketing is to establish the connection in such a way that the consumer responds to a product offering based on both emotional and rational response levels.” One of the key elements of experiential marketing is that it makes connections with the consumer. If a person enjoys watching a sporting event on television with their friends while enjoying a cold beer at your bar, when they want to have that same experience again, they’ll come back. Let’s repeat that–they’ll come back. If that doesn’t make a bar owner (or marketing executive) smile, then they don’t quite have a grasp on the importance of repeat business and a positive customer experience.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Customized Beer Tube

For a beer wholesaler looking to promote a specific brand, the Beer Tube is one of the best bar promotions available because the customer is getting the marketing message while enjoying the product. It’s experiential marketing at its best! While the customer is filling their glass from a customized Beer Tube, they see the brand name of the product they’re drinking–and subsequently associate that brand with the experience.

Groups of friends gathering to watch a game and enjoy some cold beer and food at a bar/restaurant are the ideal target marketing for beer companies. And the fact that the Beer Tube is not only a functional dispenser, but also a functional advertising vehicle as well make it a powerful tool to both drive draft beer sales and deliver your brand to that target audience. That’s a win for the bar, the beer company and the consumer.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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