Beverage Tower Grabs Customers’ Attention

Our friends at Dave & Buster’s get it. They’re not only a great place to enjoy a night of fun and games with the family (or a tube of beer!), but they’re also a perfect place to have a corporate event and/or holiday party. In fact, they even work with you to plan the perfect event for a small or large group. And why are we sharing the “coolness” of Dave & Buster’s? Well…it is a little self-serving because Dave & Buster’s does offer Beer Tubes and have incorporated out beer tower product into their bars.

Experience a Beer Tube at D&B!

And what does this tell us? It demonstrates that Dave & Buster’s gets the concept of providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for their customers. And whether you leave with a lot prizes or nothing at all, you still leave having enjoyed the experience. Beer Tubes has used this same philosophy to educate our customers on the effective implementation of a profitable table-top beverage tower program. Let me repeat that…it’s not just about throwing Beer Tubes into your bar and expecting them to make you money. The key to effectively using them is to not only take advantage of their inherent ability to sell higher volumes of draft beer (or any other cold beverage), but to also maximize their ability as a promotional/marketing tool that brings a “wow factor” to your bar and enhance the customer experience.

Almost all bars that serve draft beer sell pitchers. Plain, boring run-of-the-mill pitchers. If you walk into that bar and see a pitcher, it won’t generate much excitement…IF it gets noticed. But…you walk into the same bar and see a group enjoying a 3-foot tall Beer Tube and you WILL notice it. And any marketing expert will tell you that the hard part is getting someone to notice a product. Once they do (and instantly realize that it’s a fun and practical way to enjoy a cold beverage) you’re one step closer to the magic question, “What is that?”

Now back to effectively implementing a Beer Tubes program… Once the “What is that?’ question is asked, your staff better be able to answer it. Because once they’re engaging in a dialogue with the customer, they’re affecting that customer’s experience. Make the experience good…and they will stay longer (and come back). Make it bad…and they will leave (and not come back) AND tell their friends they didn’t like it. Heck, it doesn’t take Jon Taffer to tell you that creating a good experience for your customer is what it’s all about.

Cheers to a good experience!

The Beer Tubes Guys