Beertender Guide–Valuable Resource for Draft Beer Dispensers

As we continue to look for new ways to educate our customers on the proper use of a Beer Tube and how to properly serve beer from the tap, we often come across valuable tools that can benefit all bar owners. One of the best we’ve found is available from Anheuser-Busch and can be found at The Beertender Guide offers advice on the optimal way to serve draft, the importance of clean beer lines, and tips on keg rotation and storage…just to name a few. Learning the recommended ways to store and serve draft beer will result in a more efficient (and profitable) program for your bar/restaurant, as well as a more enjoyable drinking experience for your customers.

At trade shows, we are often amazed to find out how little most bar owners/managers know about their draft systems and in particular the proper temperature for draft beer. According to The Beertender Guide, 90% of all draught problems are temperature related. Too much foam? Not enough foam? To hot/cold? All of these temperature related factors can adversely affect your customers AND your bottom line. By the way…the optimal temperature for STORING draft beer is 36-38 degrees and the optimal temperature to SERVE it is 38-40 degrees.

In the spirit of providing education materials to our customers, we would like to remind you about the many valuable resources and educational materials on Informational sheets and videos are available on how to fill, serve, chill and clean our Beer Tube table top beer dispensers. We also provide proven sales and promotional ideas on how to increase your draft beer sales, as well as a FAQ section that address many of the common questions about our product. We strongly feel that educating our customers on the proper way to use our products (as well as serving draft beer in general) will help them realize long-term profits from their draft program along with many happy returning customers.


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