Beer Tubes – The Christmas Cocktail Container!

As temperatures decrease and the holidays quickly approach, bar and restaurant owners are looking for new and creative ways to attract customers into their establishments and out of the cold. The Beer Tube can help by providing an attractive vessel for your bar or restaurant’s signature drink. The Beer Tubes beer tower will attract potential customers walking by and influence current patrons in your establishment to order a Beer Tube for themselves. Beer Tubes have proven to be one bar promotion that works time and time again!


Beer Tubes not only help keep drinks cold, but they also can help keep your warm beverages up to temperature as well! The Beer Tubes’ insulating properties provide a great opportunity for bars and restaurants to run Beer Tubes specials with their warm winter beverages. Hot cider is a classic heart warming beverage that customers can enjoy on a cold day. Beer Tubes can also serve as a centerpiece for families seeking to enjoy a nice warm cider on a wintery day.

Beer Tubes are also great for serving winter lagers and hard cider during the cold months. Beer Tubes are great for serving large groups, which are very common in the winter months as old friends reunite and families celebrate the holidays. Some great holiday marketing ideas for restaurants are to make Beer Tubes your weekend special and add a Christmas bow to your Beer Tubes. The bows add to the holiday decor and help gain the attention of potential Beer Tubes customers. Beer Tubes can also be topped with a Red Lighted Lid to help attract customers and add to the Beer Tubes’ “Wow” factor. Beer Tubes are extremely effective in the holiday season and can help you satisfy customers while increasing your profits.

From your friends at Beer Tubes, have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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