Beer Tubes — Keeping it Cool When Things Get HOT

Remember way back in January when it was a lot colder than it is now? Beer Tubes remembers…and we also remember how to keep your draft beer ice cold for your customers. Want to know the secret behind keeping the beer cold in a Beer Tube? Then allow us to go back to January 3 and reprint this blog post on keeping your draft beer cold. Is worth reading again and reminding yourself why our products are the highest quality in the market. 

How does it stay cold? Without a doubt, this is the most asked question that we receive at Beer Tubes. Whether showing off our products at a trade show or talking to our bar/restaurant customers on the phone, everyone wants to know the secret of keeping the beer cold in a Beer Tube. Now while a good magician never reveals their secrets, we’ve got no problem sharing how to keep your beer cold.

The “secret” is in the material that constitutes a Beer Tube. Our products are made with a high-density 3mm co-polyester material called Tritan that is BPA-free and works as an insulator for the beer. What does this mean to your customers? It means that if you put cold beer into a Beer Tube, it stays cold…like a thermos. (A quick note for you hot chocolate lovers: If you put something HOT into a Beer Tube, it will also be insulated and keep your beverage hotter…like a thermos.) So the “magic” of keeping the beer cold in a Beer Tube is simply the material.

Now some of our customers (and the end users for that matter) still can’t be convinced that the beer will stay cold. They see a large volume dispenser and are convinced that something else is needed to keep the beer cold. Some common beliefs (although misguided) include: the base must be a refrigerator, you have to add an ice chamber to keep it cold, or the beer gets warm very quickly. Our simple answer to all of these assertions…just believe in the magic!

Now, IF additional cooling is desired (i.e. if served outdoors and/or if your guests are drinking the contents over a long period of time), we do offer additional cooling options. One is a stainless steel ice tube that can be filled with crushed ice and inserted into the tube. The other is called The Chill Stick, which is a re-freezable 6-inch stainless steel tube that is placed in the freezer, then dropped into the tube as needed. Both options are designed to increase the cooling capacity of the tube. For more information and a video on our cooling devices, click here. Remember…these additional options are best suited for times when the Beer Tube is being used in a hot environment (i.e. outside) or when the beer is being consumed over a long period of time.

Another note on keeping the beer cold. On a previous blog we highlighted the optimal serving temperature and storage/dispensing techniques. The Beertender Guide from Anheuser-Busch provides some very valuable information that can help you serve the best tasting beer possible to your customers at the optimal temperature. Please see the related blog post here. And remember…keep believing in the magic of the Beer Tube.


The Beer Tubes Guys