Beer Tubes Draft Beer Towers for Tailgating Season

With football season right around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the tailgate! The Beer Tubes draft beer tower is a multi-use beverage dispenser that can be utilized to help beat the heat while you’re waiting for kickoff. The Beer Tubes drink dispenser is made out of high-density 3mm co-polyester material that naturally insulates your favorite beverage.  Each tube also has a plastic cap to keep your beverage insulated on all sides.

Oklahoma Sooner Gamer Beverage Dispenser

Tests have shown that draft beer contained in a Beer Tubes draft beer tower increases only 2 degrees every 24 minutes (beer tap temperature averaged 37 degrees from the tap). Cold beer = happy drinkers! If you need additional cooling (i.e. you are serving the Beer Tubes outdoors or in a warm climate), we do offer the Ice Tube and the Chill Stick to help keep your beverage and your tailgate fun cool! The Ice Tube can be filled with ice and inserted into the Beer Tubes beverage dispenser. The Chill Stick can be placed in the freezer the night before your tailgate and then dropped into your Beer Tubes draft beer tower on game day. These cooling options keep your beverage nice and cold without diluting it so you and your fellow tailgaters can enjoy ice cold drinks throughout your tailgate.

While keeping your beverages cool during a tailgate is essential, it is equally important for your beverage dispenser to look cool and show your dedication to your favorite team. Luckily, our friends at have developed the perfect beverage dispenser for college football tailgates, The Gamer Beverage Dispenser! The Gamer is an officially licensed beverage dispenser that is made out of the same high quality insulating Tritan material as Beer Tubes drink dispensers. The Gamer is a perfect gift for your fellow tailgater and always draws attention at tailgates!

From your friends at Beer Tubes, enjoy the season and drink responsibly!


The Beer Tubes Guys