Beer Tubes Are The Perfect Draft Pick

Mel Kiper gets ready for the draft

This Thursday marks the beginning of three days of awesomeness…IF you like sitting on the couch (or in a bar with a draft tower) watching large men get selected for a new job based on how fast they can run 40 yards.  And who doesn’t love that?  For a little background, we turn to Wikipedia’s description of the NFL Draft:

“The National Football League Draft, which is officially called the NFL Player Selection Meeting, is an annual event in which the National Football League (NFL) teams select eligible college football college players. It serves as the league’s most common source of player recruitment.  Currently the draft consists of seven rounds. The original rationale in creating the draft was to increase the competitive parity between the teams as the worst team would, ideally, have chosen the best player available.”

Easy enough.  So how can a bar/restaurant capitalize on this event?  This one’s easy…just promote your Beer Tubes.  DRAFT beer on DRAFT day.  It doesn’t take  a marketing genius to put this one in motion.  Just take that colored chalk that sits next to your register and write on your promotions board “DRAFT TOWER SPECIALS ON DRAFT DAY!”  Use your social media network (you have one of these, right?) to spread the word that your bar is the best place to watch the draft…because of your Beer Tube draft specials!

This is just one example of how you can leverage your Beer Tubes to not only distinguish yourself from the competition, but to create repeat customers who will return to your bar week after week to watch their favorite team play.  By enhancing the customer experience, you increase the chances that they will come back (and bring their friends!).  And don’t be afraid to ask these rabid fans about organizing weekly viewing parties to cheer on their favorite team.

Draft day is a great opportunity to showcase Beer Tubes as an attention-getting serving vessel that are great for groups gathering to share a cold beer during the game (or the draft).  And since football season is only a few shorts months away, it never hurts to step up your customer recruiting efforts now so they’ll visit your bar in the fall.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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