Beer Tower vs. Beer Tubes: Round Two

Is this a tower or a tube?

Back in January we published a blog post highlighting the difference between a "Beer Tube" and a "beer tower" (spoiler alert–there isn’t any!). Because it typically takes at least seven times for someone to be exposed to a message before remembering it, we thought we’d go ahead and remind you about what’s in a name. And who knows, maybe some of our readers hadn’t yet experienced the "power of the Beer Tube" back in January. So here you go…

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Didn’t think The Beer Tubes Guys knew any Shakespeare, huh? Well we are pretty smart (just ask us!), especially when comes to table top beverage dispensers. Now some people refer to these dispensers as "beer towers," which is cool. We just happen to use Beer Tube as our trade name. Kind of like a "soda" vs. "pop" thing–what you call a soft drink could depend on where you live. (For an interesting look at this phenomenon, check out this map showing the regional variations of pop vs. soda.) So whether your customers refer to it as a Beer Tube or a beer tower, just know that you’re serving cold draft beer from a great product.

The main thing to remember is that Beer Tubes makes the same high-quality, durable, restaurant quality product for both the Beer Tube and the beer tower crowd. Much like the Miller Lite ad campaign from the 1970s…Tastes Great/Less Filling. You say beer tower, I say Beer Tube…we both enjoy a cold one!

Another distinction between the two terms has to do with whether it is attached to the bar. The term "beer tower" commonly refers to the taps attached to the bar that serves the draft beer–think "taps that are attached to kegs behind the bar." These systems are anchored into the bar and are installed/serviced by companies such as Micromatic. And while a beer tower can also be a table top beverage dispenser, a Beer Tube is not attached to the bar and is a portable, self-serve table-top dispenser. Think of it as a "fancy pitcher" that is filled behind the bar and then taken to the table for customers to serve themselves.

So even if your customers ask for a beer tower, rest assured that serving them an ice-cold draft beer in a Beer Tube will satisfy their desire to share a cold beverage with friends. As far as we’re concerned, the name is not nearly as important as the benefits you’ll see when utilizing the self-serve, table-top system in your bar/restaurant. Increased draft sales, return business, and happy customers–that does smell pretty sweet!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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