Beer Tubes are a Hit with Baseball Fans

MLB opening day is a national symbol that spring is finally here, which means it's time for new draft beer promotions! We know our friends in the bar and restaurant industry are thrilled about the reemergence of America's past time and the beloved sunlight, especially after this winter season!

The return of baseball allows for bars and restaurants to try out new promotions to bring in new guests to enjoy the game and their favorite draft beer. Beer Tubes offers a great opportunity to market your bar or restaurant as the best location to watch your hometown team! Your bar or restaurant can try different promotions based on the hometown team's record or the score of the current game! These draft promotions can bring customers into your establishment and make your bar the best baseball bar in town!

Thanks to The Beer Tubes Experience, your bar or restaurant can attract new customers and keep current customers excited and full! Once one person buys a Beer Tube, people all around ask, "What is that?" and begin ordering Beer Tubes. By selling draft beer in larger quantities, you enable your servers to tend to more customers and increase your draft sales substantially. This season is the perfect opportunity to try something new to increase your draft sales.

Our durable Beer Tubes made of Eastman Tritan copolyester insure your investment is protected and will continue to serve your customers throughout the entire baseball season and for many seasons to come! Our baseball design base (pictured) has the real leather feel that baseball fans love and adore. This unique bar promotion will certainly grab the attention of any baseball fan and will encourage them to bring their friends to enjoy this tower of beer!  Beer Tubes have been proven effective at increasing draft sales at bars and restaurants and is why the Beer Tubes experience has become the iconic promotion for bars across the nation!

And it's not too early to start to think about football season.  We also offer a number of football designs, including different colored helmets and a football base, that can be branded with any logo to provide and unique point of sale piece that sells more draft beer.  And when it comes to sports themed beverage dispensers, we've also got you covered for racing, golf, hockey, basketball, bowling and soccer!

 Enjoy the season(s)!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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