Bar Promotion Ideas That Work–Are You Ready for Some Football?

It’s almost August, and that means football season (and the opportunity to sell more draft beer to crazy fans) is only weeks away. Why should you care? Because football season means big bucks for bars/restaurants, especially those that have some marketing savvy to capitalize on the endless promotional opportunities surrounding the football season. One of our favorites? Hosting a “draft party” in mid-to-late August that brings all those fantasy football players into your establishment–and equally as important–brings them back week after week to watch the games. 

You can offer special draft beer promotions to fantasy football leagues that hold their pre-season draft parties at your bar/restaurant, then continue those offers to encourage them to return week after week to watch the games. Another great idea is to offer a Football Helmet Beer Tube to the winner of the league. The Beer Tube can be customized with the winner or league’s name for a truly unique trophy!

And if you’re bar gets really busy during games (that’s a good thing!), check out the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System. This system will increase your keg yield, while decreasing the time it takes to serve ice-cold draft beer. It also offers unique promotional opportunities, such as offering draft specials during time-outs. Patrons can get a cold beer FAST during time-outs. What a fun way to ease the boredom of “booth reviews!” As an added bonus, Beer Tubes dispensers are available to be used with the Bottoms Up Dispensing System. That’s known as a “win-win” for any bar.

Now is the time to be planning how your bar/restaurant can effectively integrate unique promotional opportunities for the upcoming football season. It’s also a great time to work with your local beer distributor to map out how you can leverage game days to generate traffic (and sales) at your establishment. Beer Tubes and the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System are just two of many ideas that can have you doing a touchdown dance this season.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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