Are Your Draft Beer Dispensers Wasting Money?

Let's think about beer from the tap for a minute. Before we get into how to minimize waste and why it's important, take a minute and complete this draft beer profitability exercise from Micro Matic. Now that you have an idea as to how profitable draft beer is for your establishment, you might want to pay attention to how your staff is affecting the bottom line. As a bar/restaurant owner, you may or may not be aware of how much beer your employees are wasting on a daily basis…but you should, because that extra foam they're pouring down the drain is costing you money.

This is NOT good for your bar.

Nightclub & Bar has a great article on minmizing waste when serving beer, whether from bottles and cans or table top beer dispensers. The article has many good points that bar and restaurant owners (and their bartenders!) should be aware of, including the idea of “balance” as it applies to a draught beer system. According to the article, “A balanced system is one that delivers draught beer at the appropriate temperature and level of carbonation. The settings for your system will be established post-installation based on a series of variables. These settings need to be constantly maintained and therefore frequently checked by you. It is imbalance that results in inferior beer and waste.”

This idea is pretty simple. Draft beer is highly profitable. Wasting draft beer costs you money. Training your staff to use draft beer dispensing equipment properly can increase your profits and provide the best tasting product to your customers. And having an efficient draft dispensing system can also make your Beer Tubes draft beer dispensers even more profitable. To read more about how Beer Tubes can increase your draft sales, click here.

The key point is that when it comes to draft beer dispensers, there is a difference between how your bar should work and the reality of how it does work. As a bar owner, your ability to shorten or eliminate the gap between those two concepts will directly affect your bottom line.


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