Big Game Parties and Beer Tubes are the Perfect Match

Last year's Baltimore Ravens' victory was so exciting, we found it appropriate to revisit a blog from last January about how Beer Tubes can excite your customers on Sunday, February 2.

Table top beer dispensers are a natural fit for watching sporting events, and many bar owners are strategizing how to capitalize on Sunday's “Big Game” bar crowd. (Just to avoid any copyright issues with the NFL we'll avoid calling it by name, but it rhymes with “duper mole.”) With a captive audience sitting at your bar for at least four hours, we see the Beer Tube as the perfect opportunity for friends to share a cold beer. Some bars will give away prizes, guarantee seats and offer food specials–all of which are good ideas to attract (and keep) your customers for the game.

Here are some promotion and recipe ideas courtesy of for Big Game parties. Now we realize that these ideas are from Duper Mole 44 (Saints vs. Colts), but we're big fans of Drew Brees and The Who played at halftime…which makes it a winner in our book.

And remember, since Beer Tubes can be used for ANY cold drink, they also make a great addition to a buffet line or drink station. Just fill a couple of Tubes with iced tea or soft drinks and you've got a cool way for customers to serve themselves. This idea can be expanded to include a “designated driver” station where patrons can help themselves to free nonalcoholic drinks. No matter how you decide to work the Beer Tube into your Big Game offerings, they are sure to draw attention, drive draft sales, and add a coolness factor not only for this Sunday, but for sporting events throughout the year.

So even if the New York Football Giants can't win it every year, we'll still be watching (and not just for the commercials) and enjoying a cold beer with our friends.

If you'd like to share your promotional ideas utilizing Beer Tubes, please click here. We always like to hear from our customers and who knows, maybe we'll throw a prize or two your way for sharing your ideas.


The Beer Tube Guys

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